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Lotus Quyuan Garden

Add:17 Xishan Rd

Tel:0571-8798 6026

Time:7am - 6pm


With over 200 species of lotus, Quyuan Garden is the largest lotus park in China. One day, while reading ancient poetry from the Southern Song Dynasty, our Editor found mention of the famous Imperial Court Quyuan Winery. It was said to be near the lake and this excited him. The excitement exhausted him, so he took a nap, but after awaking, he finally got down to the site. Much to his dismay, the Southern Song Dynasty spot no longer exists as it once had. In 1699, Emperor Kangxi changed the name from "Yeast Courtyard" to "Curved Garden", and since then the area has been known for the lotus swaying in the breeze. In order not to waste all the energy he had mustered to get down there, he decided to take a peak at what was inside. He figured it was free, so why not? Much to his pleasure, the lotus were actually very nice and he was able to have a beer under a pavilion after all. While they might not make the nectar of the gods there anymore, they still do sell it in little stands around the area. What a park after all.

Take bus Y5, 527 getting off at the Guo Zhuang Station (Hang Liao) 郭庄 (杭疗) or bus Y4, Y3, 27, K850, Y9, Y2, K81, and K7 getting off at the Yue Miao Station 岳庙
Free entry. But if you really want to get close to the flowers, just rent a boat. The office is just east of the Beishan Road entrance. In a short ride across the water, boaters can get to the Mid-Lake Pavilion and check out the Three Pools Mirroring The Moon.
Prices for adults:
Boat: 25RMB
Island: 20RMB
Prices for Children (1-1.3 meters):
Boat: 12.5RMB
Island: 10RMB