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Tun Run Tea House

Add:199, Hengshan Rd.

Tel:021-3406 0126



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Tang Yun Tea house (唐韵茶坊 táng yùn chá fāng) is a 2-storey ancient Chinese-style building with hanging big red lanterns. It is also famous for serving tea, dim sum, and fruits at reasonable prices. On the ground floor are 7 rooms with a quiet and plain ambience decorated by various tea sets. The second floor is divided by fern leaf hedge bamboo. The outer space is bright and wide and the inner space is elegant and quiet. This tea house offers traditional teas and other artistic teas as well. The
Average cost per person: 60RMB.
Directions: Take Line 1 to Hengshan metro station exit 4, turn right, it is just beside the exit.
Other Branches
Huangpu Branch: 3-4F, No. 479, East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District
Average cost per person: 50RMB

Minhang Branch: No. 986, Longming Road, Minhang District (the intersection with Gudai Road)
Average cost per person: 40RMB