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Wan Ling Teahouse

Add:No. 1, Lane 619 Jianguo Road W.

Tel:021-6054 0246




Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai is conveniently located in PuXi's French Concession. Wan Ling in her own unique style creates a place to relax and escape the hustle of Shanghai. Fusing Chinese arts together, Wan Ling's Tea Shop has a lovely collection of Chinese tea ceramics, paintings, pictures and wooden furniture.

The Shanghai tea space has been designed to offer three distinct zones. The tea shop provides a relaxed space to buy teas and tea ware. The focal point of the tea shop is the large, solid reclaimed wooden table. Visitors are welcome to sample different teas or book our tea classes and tea tastings.

Our small, but relaxed public tea room is bright and airy. This space is ideal to chill out with friends or a enjoy a good book. Upstairs a private VIP room which is available to book in advance (24 hours prior to your visit). A perfect space for a meeting or meet a group of friends.

Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai stocks a carefully selected range of quality, pure, single source Chinese and Indian quality loose leaf teas and tisanes (herbal teas). Our fine, loose leaf teas are available to buy or to enjoy in our tea room. Enjoy international tea culture in Shanghai. A warm welcome awaits.



How to get there

Wan Ling Tea House has excellent public transport connections. We are walking distance from metro lines 1, 7 and 9. Buses include 42, 49, 96 and 927.