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Golden Bull Restaurant

Add:3/F, Central Plaza, 381 Huaihai Rd M.

Tel:021- 6391 5589



Cuisine: Vietnamese
Ambience: Modern, elegant and Southeast Asian with colorful paintings. It’s a branch of a well-established Hong Kong-based Vietnamese restaurant and located on the third floor of Central Plaza on Huaihai Road M.

Who to invite: Business contacts, boyfriend/girlfriend.

Pros: Service is very good, wait staff is pleasant. Dishes are said to stimulate the appetite by using ingredients in different colors. Serves northern Vietnamese cuisine such as steamed pork balls. Skip Chineseinfluenced dishes for a real taste of Vietnam.

Cons: None.

Recommended: Snack platter for two includes spring rolls, minced pork and three other snacks. They are dipped in sauce and
eating with lettuce and Vietnamese mint.

Don’t order: The curry dishes, such as sauteed crab, are a bit too mild for those who like stronger, spicy taste.

Drinks: Rose flower tea

Cost: 300 yuan for two, including two cups of rose flower tea