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Pho Yummy

Add:6/F, Channel One, 155 Changshou Rd

Tel:021- 3131 5050


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Cuisine: Vietnamese, especially pho Ambience: Fun and casual. This new restaurant hails from Vancouver, Canada, and brands itself as a distinctively Vietnamese dining concept. Located in Channel One complex. Pleasant waiting staff.

Who to invite: Friends who love Vietnamese food.

Pros: Authentic. Flavors are distinctive, delicate and exotic. Though emphasis is on pho noodles, restaurant serves a variety of original barbecue rice dishes, vermicelli and desserts.

Cons: Service is a bit indifferent.

Recommended: Delicious variations of pho noodles.

Don’t order: We found the coffee undrinkable, diluted, bitter and tasting artificial vanilla.

Cost: 100 yuan for two, including one drink