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Xinxin Chinese Kitchen

Add:1783 Huaihai Rd M.

Tel:021-6433 5834



Xinxin Chinese Kitchen opened more than six years ago and it continues to serve up a hearty mix of Taiwan, Shanghai and Sichuan cuisine in a small but intimate and friendly setting. The menu is extensive with vegetables, fish and shrimp, hot pots, desserts and snacks. Xinxin Chinese Kitchen prides itself on its authentic Taiwanese dishes. Favorites include the three flavored chicken at 35 yuan (US$5.5), shredded pork sauted with vegetables at 28 yuan, oyster pancakes at 20 yuan, and sweet and sour Hunan chicken at 38 yuan.

Recommended snacks include roll beef pie, scallion pancakes and beef onion pie. The restaurant is also popular among nearby office workers and residents because of its cheap lunch set, with prices ranging from 16 yuan to 30 yuan. Taiwanese owner Ronald says he wants his customers to eat healthily and happily. Many ingredients and sauces are imported from Taiwan. The cost is about 50 yuan per person.