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Shanghai Joy City

Add:166 Xizang Rd N.




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Joy city is a new recreation landmark in Shanghai which advocates a fashionable way of life. One-station shopping is perfectly realised here with clothes, restaurants and other recreation. 

One attraction is its international platform which allows the latest fashion trend to release. Its modern exterior design also combines metropolitan style with artistic themes, which appeals a great deal to today's working class.

The big wheel on top of Joy City mall above Qufu Road Metro station is reminiscent of the London Eye, albeit smaller. Affording a great view of one of Shanghai’s remaining few lilong (lane) areas, there’s likely to be an appropriate time for an important question on this circular trajectory of Jing’an District. The best part: Pods have bluetooth options that allow you to play your own music, in addition to adjustable mood lights. If you want a little more time in the pod, you can pay extra to have afternoon tea, or even dinner, in the pod.