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Add:505 Zhongshan Rd S.

Tel:021-6152 6542

Time:from 7 pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Virgo club will open in the gorgeous, sparkly and elegant area of the Cool Docks, on the Bund. Value and Easy. The truly priceless moment are those spent with friends in a comfortable and family place. These are the keywords of Virgo. Highly trained and friendly staff, regal Japanese cocktails level, family atmosphere. Slow down in a relaxing spot with a comforting environment; take a chat with friends; host an event like you would throw it in your own apartment but with the help of truly professional experts; dance all night long. Virgo it’s all that. Virgo will be a breath of fresh air and a single diamond in Shanghai. 70 guests seated on the ground floor, 50 on the second floor and the third floor up to 60. The main floors can accommodate 300 people for a standing reception; the third floor has capacity for 150 guests. The main floor space is separated from the third floor, with two separate entrances.