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SVA Yuejie

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SVA Yuejie, a factory-turned creative park, opened early this year on the premises of the former Shanghai Jinxing Television Factory in downtown Xuhui District.

Yuejie means "across the border" as the factory site is on Tianlin Road bordering the Caohejing area.

Unlike other factory-turned creative parks which worry about office occupancy, rents and visitor volume, SVA Yuejie is not a high-end, super fashionable establishment, says Carl Tsui, deputy general manager of the SVA Creativity Corp Management Co.

In just a few months, SVA Yuejie has attracted numerous businesses, restaurants, cafes, a gym, a cinema, and other service facilities, Tsui says, adding that the 100,000-square-meter creative park is 70 percent of office rental. It doesn’t target at design studios and art galleries.