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Legend Taste Yunnan Folk Cuisine

Add:1025 Kangding Rd

Tel:021- 5228 9961

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Many Yunnan dishes, usually slightly salty and spicy, use a mix of different mushrooms to intensify the taste. The Legend Taste Yunnan Folk Cuisine on Kangding Road in Jing’an District features a mushroom dish called Zhu Tong Shan Zhen, or Mountain Precious in Bamboo Pots, which contains various mushrooms and broth, roasted in a long bamboo container.

The restaurant is furnished with wooden tables and blue table cloths, as well as ethnic arts and crafts from the province.

 It has the feel of a farmer’s home. Many other dishes contain mushrooms, such as niu gan jun stir-fried with frog’s legs, or two kinds of mushrooms boiled with sea bass.

While Yunnan cuisine is salty and spicy, Guizhou cuisine is often known for its balance between sour and spicy that stimulates the taste buds and appetite.