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One of the city’s longest standing culinary institutions, T8, quietly moved into a new shopping mall on Hubin Road, two blocks from its previous shikumen environment in Xintiandi.

The new decor still retains the shikumen-inspired carved screens, the earthy tones and the subtle elements of 1930s Shanghai which characterizes the previous location.

Instead of being inside a typical Xintiandi building, the new venue, now free from closely positioned neighbors, has both an enormous rooftop terrace rarely found in the heart of Shanghai as well as an adjacent restaurant terrace, allowing guests the option to take in views of the city skyline and nearby lakes, gardens and shikumen lanes.

The menu retains the same concept: European fusion and molecular gastronomy. Executive chef Roger Xiao who was trained under chef Jordi Servalls Bonilla, and has more than 20 years experience (five of which were with T8) remains a fixture.

T8 also provides a lunch set at a very reasonable price: 158 yuan for three courses with a drink. Consider it an ideal venue for a business lunch in the center of town.

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