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Alan Chan Creations

Add:106&109, Lane 169, Jianguo Rd M.

Tel:021 - 5404 3130



Renowned Hong Kong designer Alan Chan has opened in Taikang Terrace his first store outside of the special administrative region. Offering a new take on Chinese nostalgia, the fusion of Oriental and Western cultures in contemporary graphic design has been a dominant theme in Chan's work since he launched the brand in 1990. A diverse collection of goods - including T-shirts, cards, tins, tea products and mugs - are on sale in the minimalist Taikang Terrace space. The designer has launched a limited edition series of T-shirts (588 yuan/US$93.3) which are exclusively available at the Shanghai store. The graphics in this collection feature work by Chan from back in 1970, when he was attending a design evening class in Hong Kong while working as a studio assistant in Grant Advertising International. Prices range from 28 to 1,428 yuan.