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Tainan Tan-tsu-mien

Add:2/F, Sunrise On The Bund Hotel, 168 Gaoyang Rd

Tel:021- 5558 9999 ext 6720

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Tainan Tan-Tsu-Mien is a Taiwanese fine dining restaurant that opened in the city 10 years ago, a time when relations between Chinese mainland and the island were not as smooth as they are today.  

The restaurant has taken the traditional recipe and given it a little twist, adding fish and crab to give the soup a natural sweetness. The soul of dan zai mian is the soup, which should be rich with an umami and delicately sweet flavor. The recipe is MSG free, but makes use of pork bones and shrimp shells.

The minced pork is also important because its smell is satisfying and gives diners a good first impression. Tainan Tan-Tsui-Mien uses finely cut lean meat to give the soup a clean taste.