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Wending Rd Art Painters Street

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Wending Road in Xuhui District is known as Painters Street and sold only pictures in the early days. As business expanded, the road attracted pigment traders, art equipment manufacturers and young artists looking to sell their work direct to the public.

Compared with its neighboring snack street and furniture market, Wending Road seems to lack bustle. But take a stroll and you will be impressed by its numerous art pieces, many painted in gouache, oils and traditional Chinese ink.

The narrow street is filled with galleries and art shops, with all kinds of works — sketches, abstracts, retro, futuristic, realist and replicas of classics on display. Art supply stores have everything for both professionals and budding artists.

Many gallery and shop owners are young, unknown artists, or fresh graduates from art schools, so you can buy their work at a low price, normally between 500 yuan and 800 yuan (US$79–126).

Many offer tailor-made services, producing paintings based on photographs of wedding photos or family reunions. It usually takes about two weeks to complete a painting.