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Jinling Rd Musical Instrument Street

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Jinling Road E., a busy road linking the Bund and the People’s Square, features numerous music stores that sell a wide variety of instruments, both Chinese and Western, everything from pianos and guitars to erhu (fiddle).

Taking a stroll down the street, in one shop, the owner can be seen tuning a violin, while a girl is playing the piano and an elderly man is trying out an exquisite erhu, enquiring if the price can be brought down a little.

Rock star wannabes also flock here as they can find a wide choice of guitars, basses and drums.

Helpful shop assistants will give advice to beginners on how to choose their first musical instrument.

Several shops offer music lessons in everything from the guitar to the guqin, a sevenstringed Chinese ancient instrument.

Along Jinling Road E. to the west, you can spot the Shanghai Concert Hall, a silent encouragement for the musicians nearby who might have just bought an instrument.