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Jinling Rd Fabric Street

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Fashion fans will find a mecca near the Bund, starting from Jinling Road E. to Xinyong’an Road. A myriad of dazzling fabrics, including cotton, linen, leather and lace can be found to bring any design to life. Moreover, small stores sell every manner of fittings, including buttons, metal chains and zip fasteners.

Lace on comes in a huge array of patterns — from the exquisitely embroidered to the mundane, silk to cotton thread. Customers can choose either the lace border or a whole cloth, though all are sold by the meter.

Not every seller boasts the skills required to make your own garments, so some shops stock the end products.You will find feminine chiffon scarves, cotton vests and dresses bedecked with lace. Prices varies according to quality, from 3 yuan to 50 yuan if the embroidery is excellent or embedded with pearls and sequins. Remember some fabric shops don’t do business with individuals, so call ahead.