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Xinhua Bookstore (Huaihai Rd Branch)

Add:3/F, 717 Huaihai Rd M.

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The Xinhua Bookstore on Huaihai Road has reopened after a six-month hiatus. The renovated bookstore delights customers with its new stylish design and more book choices.

Unlike traditional bookstores, this one gives more space to people who want to relax, have some tea or coffee, or buy other creative products than to bookshelves.

It also features a digital reading area where people have Wi-Fi access to read E-books on iPads, and browse books online before purchasing them with a 25% discount.

Wang Liwei, the president of Xinhua Media Co Ltd, says they are going to break the tradition of making profits by selling books only and will lure people to sit down in the bookstore and buy other goods and services instead of just books.