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Add:141 Fuxing Rd W.

Tel:021-6054 2338



Outmoded+ is a new furniture showroom on Fuxing Road W. worth checking out. The store looks small outside, but when you step inside, you will find it very spacious, occupying an inner space of 73 square meters and a garden of 80 square meters. Specializing in furniture in vintage French style, the store imports mostly from America and Europe, including Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and A&B from America, and Pomax from Belgium. Accessories are mostly imported from India, and are updated every month. The earth-tone furniture and other items in the shop are so tastefully displayed that you may be tempted to call it home. Chair prices start from 1,000 yuan (US$158.7), going up to 2,000 yuan, while the most expensive furniture in the store is a leather three-seater sofa, which costs 30,000 yuan. Accessories range from 100 yuan for a small coffee cup to 2,000 yuan for a vintage jewelry box.