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B U'rself

Add:63 Fuxing Rd W.

Tel:021-5408 3506



B U'rself is a fashion boutique on Fuxing Road W. that specializes in delicate, extremely limited styles. Most of the clothes in the shop are designed by the French owner, who has the Chinese name Wang Lan. The boutique is popular among chic city girls and nearby residents because each piece is very limited - with at most two of each item. This season, Wang has chosen Chinese red and black as a main color scheme and pays a lot of attention to the details of the design. Customers can also choose the gray collection which is very elegant, lady-like and good quality - creating a calm and slightly serious look. Most garments are priced from around 700 yuan (US$111) to 1500 yuan. Winter coats are about 2,500 yuan to 2,800 yuan. Accessories, such as belts, range from 220 yuan to 360 yuan. Customers get a 10 percent discount on purchases of more than 1,000 yuan at one time, while 15 percent discounts are offered as a permanent bonus for those who spend more than 3,000 yuan at one time.