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Hangzhou Photo Equipment Market

Add:128 North Qiutao Rd.

Tel:0571 8603 8548

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Even if you're not a professional photographer, this is a great place to go and browse. You might get inspired. Sure, you could probably bargain a vendor down on a digital camera to a comparable price at one of the many IT markets around town, but this market has got everything else imaginable related to photography. They've got dirt cheap film (for those diehard, old fashioned types) ranging from regular 35mm to slide film to medium format (Mamiya and Hasselblad). Any kind of camera you want you can find, including the sturdy Leica 35mm. Need a tripod? There are over 50 kinds to choose from. Lighting? They've got it. As for video cameras, you can get one for 4-5000RMB. They've even got 3CCD's if you're going to do a little television filming. And if you you're getting married sometime in the near future, there are places that'll rent you a dress.