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One Page Bookstore

Add:Shop 488, MixC, No.701, Fuchun Road

Tel:8970 5758

Time:9am to 9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Page One sells books costing an average of 200 yuan (US$29.50), but it's already proving popular and nearly 400 memberships were sold on opening day, far beyond expectations. "Hangzhou boasts strong consumer power as well as profound cultural resources," says Liu Gui, general manager of Page One, in explanation. The bookstore features modern pleasant decor, a comprehensive collection professionally arranged, and comfortable places to sit and read. "The aim is to relax readers and inspire them to buy," says Liu. The staff in Hanghzou have been transferred from stores in Hong Kong and Singapore and offer personalized service to readers, helping them locate books. Many private bookstores are becoming multi-functional and offering more specialized services and subject such as how-to books on business, improving appearance and raising test scores. The competition is stiff from big online bookstores selling vast number of cheap books and staying open 24 hours a day. In response, some private book sellers are opening in malls to attract more traffic and near universities. They are also offering coffee, music and culture.