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Hangzhou Silk City

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Buying a souvenir made of silk is a must for visitors to Hangzhou, the city known for its sericulture, and Hangzhou Silk City embracing hundreds of silk stores is an ideal place to find a bargain. The outdoor market stretching for two blocks sells everything from ties to scarves to fabric made of silk - both artificial and real, among which some are trendy, some are decorated with Chinese-motif patterns and some are especially for children. Creative pieces with Oriental features are recommended as souvenirs, such as a purse made of silk, a bag with Chinese embroidery and wine bottle covers shaped like a mini qipao or a Mandarin jacket. Be prepared to haggle at this market and for reference, the price for a small artificial silk kerchief (50cm by 50cm) is about 2 yuan to 3 yuan, while a real silk kerchief the same size sells for around 20 yuan.