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Remnant market

Add:2/F, Block 3, Hangzhou Second-hand Market, 589 Shixiang Rd

Time:10am to 6pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The remnant market located inside the Hangzhou Second-hand Market provides surplus materials from textile printing manufacturers and clothing factories, making it possible to get some cloth to make a dress, a scarf or a pillowcase from as little as 10 yuan (US$1.55). The market is nicknamed by locals as a market of rags, however, the quality of clothes is fair and there is an assorted range of remnants in the market covering more than 10,000 square meters. Although the materials there are not neatly organized, it gives people a sense of achievement to hunt for "treasure" among the millions of "rags." As a result, the market lures lots of designers and housewives who are able to turn such remnants into impressive clothes and home decor pieces. Accessories such as buttons, lace, fringes and spangles can also be found in some stalls in the market, and can be used to embellish DIY clothing and home decor creations.