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Hangzhou Wine Center

Add:1/F, Zhongtian Mansion, 173 Yugu Road

Tel:0571 8763 2388,135 8876 5132

Time:Wine Cellar & Shop: 10am-10pm Coffee Bar: 9:30am-11pm (Kitchen closes at 10pm)

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The space the Hangzhou Wine Cellar now occupies used to be a Cigar Bar. That didn't last long. So, the owner of Zhongtian decided to shell out some dough (lord knows he's got it) and bring a little culture to this area. He’s partnered up with an Aussie (well, an Italian-Aussie), brought in an Aussie designer, and six months later the space has new life with a wine cellar in the basement, a wine shop and a relaxing coffee bar/restaurant.

For the cellar downstairs, Sergio Carlei has cultivated a selection of regional Australian wines from Victoria, Tasmania, the South and the West. Carlei has spent years researching and choosing grapes for each variety by region and produces some really good wines at his five vineyards. Not yet sold on the finer virtues of Australian wines? That’s okay. For the foreseeable future, there will be wine tastings downstairs every Saturday from 2:30pm until 5pm. Dress accordingly. The room has to stay a chilly temp to keep the wines their best.

The coffee bar upstairs is in essence a restaurant with Illy coffee (there's decaf as well) and a barista/bartender that mixes a mean martini. Wine is the biggest feature though, despite the solid selection of drinks. You can’t beat 18 kuai a glass on the house wines. Off the drinks and onto the food. There's a wide range of dishes starting with simple appetizers (including a cheese platter to go with your wine) expanding all the way up to Australian steaks. The pizzas come recommended by the staff as do the steaks. Okay, so there’s wine, there’s pizza, there's steak, there’s Illy coffee, but here’s the gem of this place: Bindi ice cream. The stuff is heavenly. The menu is large and has such tempting pictures that you'll want to order every one of them. Prices range from 35 to 65 kuai, but trust us, it's well worth the splurge. English menu and service available.