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Add:2/F, Grand Metro Park Hotel, 2 Pinghai Road

Tel:0571 8707 7553

Time:Mon.-Fri. 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm. Sat.-Sun. 11:30am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Is good Japanese food cheap anywhere in the world we ask? Well, there's Abu Café, but like we said, it isn't the most authentic. Here in Hangzhou, there are two places to get the good stuff: Nasubi and Imarigawa. Both are in hotels, but they have very different feels. Nasubi is ultra modern and classy. Imarigawa has this whole rustic thing going on: lots of wood and red paper lanterns, bottles of saki along the walls, very bright, open and noisy with the TV firmly turned on a Japanese station. Where these places don't differ in is their quality and their price. On average, you’ll spend a good 600 kuai for two.

Imarigawa has been here for ten years, so they know their biz. And, don't go thinking that they have changed anything up to suit the local crowd. The place is filled up with around 90% Japanese. You won’t find any of those all-you-can-eat deals on the multilingual menu either. It’s the real deal here. There's genuine Kobe beef, not any of that fake Chinese stuff raised in Dalian. It runs about 600 yuan. Even the gratis food that comes before ordering you won’t find in other places, and there’s more of it. We got a partially cooked egg in soy sauce, really pretty refreshing, also some taro balls, and this fantastic cold sliced duck with mustard. There were plenty of King Crab Legs (they’re awesome BTW) on people's tables, Nabemono too. They aren't on the menu