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Li Gong

Add:2 West Huancheng Rd. next to Lake View Hotel

Tel:0571 8708 8600

Time:11am - 10:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Let’s begin this with the admission that there are very few people on the MORE staff that actually like Korean food. This isn’t to slam Korean food at all, but one of the big problems we have is all that damned grilling that has to be done. And who wants to smell like what they just ate for the rest of the night? That being said, we have to admit that our dining experience at Li Gong was completely different from others we've had. First of all, even though there are grills at each table, there weren't hoards of people barbecuing (and can we just say, Koreans barbecuing meat at every meal is as much a myth as Japanese eating sushi for every one!). Actually, there weren't hoards of people at all. The sparsely decorated (with the exception of the back wall which had a “I was Here,” youth hostel graffiti thing going on), dining hall-esque restaurant had all of ten people. A lack of clientele is usually an indicator that a.) The food sucks, b.) The service sucks, or c.) The place is just too damned expensive.

The Answer: C. Alright, it’s not too damned expensive, but a dinner for two with plum wine (of which they only have two types to choose from) will run you over 300 kuai. Ouch! But, the food definitely does not suck. Yeah, dinner at High Class Korean Restaurant will cost you about the same but with a better atmosphere no doubt about it; however, the food here at Li Gong is far superior, and here’s why: The starters. You get a tableful; literally, your table is so full that you have to eat your starters down in order to make room for the mains. We had to be careful not to fill up on them, though, because the menu is packed with classic dishes like Marinated Pork in Hot Sauce, which was tender and not too fatty. The Pan Fried Spring Onion and Seafood was also a nice treat. And the Pan Sauteed Squid and Vegetables added a little sweet to the other spicy dishes like the Kimchi Stew. The menu has plenty of broiled, barbecued and pan-fried dishes, as well as noodles, to choose from, so you won’t be disappointed. We definitely weren’t. English and picture menu available.