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Curry Bistro

Add:391 Wantang Road

Tel:0571 8886 8271

Time:10am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Curry Bistro really deserves the name bistro as it's small with a really relaxed atmosphere. No over-the-top decor or private rooms here. The space and the laidback touch do not mean the menu will let you down however. On the contrary, Eric, the owner from Hong Kong, regularly goes back home to follow courses with top chefs and brings back new recipes. He does the curry pastes himself and most ingredients are imported: spices, Thai limes and their pungent leaves, coconut milk and exotic veggies.

Unlike most restaurants offering up Southeast Asian cuisine, Curry Bistro won’t leave you crying about how much you spent. Appetizers range from 8 to 18 yuan with a favorite being the Thai Pork Salad (18RMB), a mix of lettuce and barbequed pork neck meat drizzled in freshly squeezed spicy lime juice. But, what has made the restaurant a crowded spot over the past seven years are the inexpensive curries on the menu; they come in many colors with as many origins: red, green, yellow, massaman, Malay, French… A curry dish is definitely a filling meal, but don’t forget to order some homemade Naan Bread to wipe up your plate. Their Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai are to be mentioned as well for being the closest to the original you can get in Hangzhou.

The menu is nicely laid out with pics to help you choose and along with the SE Asian delights includes Braised Hot Pots (mutton, chicken, Korean style...) as well as Hong Kong dishes like Ham Pop Pan and Dried Beef with Hot Paste. Sure, the selection is all over the place, but many of these dishes you won’t be able to find anywhere else in town, or at least not cooked with the same passion.

Old timers and plenty of students patronize this charming place for its excellent cuisine and fair pricing, and Michelle (Eric’s wife) does a great job remembering every one of them. She’s hard to miss, buzzing around with a great, big smile on her face, giving orders and shouting a quick, “Hello,” to the clientele. If you live in the area, they deliver. If you don’t, make the trek out west. It’s well worth it. English and Picture menu available.