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Qianwang Meilu

Add:101-1-2 Nanshan Road

Tel:0571 8791 8800,0571 8791 8811

Time:10:30am - 9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


In the next few months, we'll be putting some swanky and expensive eateries in the review section. The hard-to-find places will not be left out, and we'll keep giving you info on how to get the best full belly for your buck, but the shark fin slashers can no longer be avoided. After all, it's our duty to give you everything the town has to offer.

Last month, our reviewers collectively gained at least ten kilos tasting some exquisitely prepared fare. Of the ten 150+RMB/person places visited, we were most impressed with Qianwang Meilu. The seating by the windows is stellar, with views into the trees and out onto the lake. The people wandering slowly by are far enough away not to disturb, but close enough to keep it from being boring. It mustn't have been easy to get this choice location. Had the windows not been there, we would have looked at the interior more closely, but the little we got was not below par by any means. Their private rooms are some of the best, as is the service.

The atmosphere was unpretentious, unlike some of the other places we dined at, but what really makes this restaurant stand out is the food. In particular, we can highly recommend the Black Pepper Short Ribs and the Qian Wang Assorted Fried Vegetables. A meal can't be had without the ribs. The Pyramid Prawn Dumplings were another favorite, jammed with fresh prawns. Look to spend 500-5,000RMB for a table of four. They have some really exotic and therefore expensive things on the menu, or rather the menus. There are five to browse through, including one for the wine and another for the drinks.

To get there, you get off at Pappilion Café just before the Qian Wang Temple entrance. Walk towards the lake past Mixer and Fotoyard Café till you get to the last building. Music Kitchen and La Luna might be a little closer to the lake than Qianwang Meilu, but there aren't many others that can offer its great angle onto the water. English and picture menu available.