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Crystal Jade Restaurant

Add:Bldg 10, Xihutiandi, 147 Nanshan Rd

Tel:0571 8702 6618,0571 8702 7887

Time:10:30am - 10:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Occasionally we like to throw Xihu Tiandi a bone. The area doesn't really need it. Since opening a few years ago (or has it been more than a few now?), it consistently gets traffic. Location, location, location. Some of the places still need a little help, like CJ Bar and Segafredo, but on the whole, most do well. We've had Crystal Jade in the mag a while, but now that it’s warming up and greening up (hopefully), it's time to head back lakeside to enjoy the sunshine, and there’s no better place to experience it than Crystal Jade's glass-walled dining area.

The atmosphere is open and relaxing. Seriously, we have seen people sitting here for hours. They have a leisurely lunch and then stick around for an even more leisurely tea. With the sun shining in, it's easy to do. It's not just about location and atmosphere. The food has a lot to do with encouraging repeat biz. The menu is stacked with Shanghai, Southeast Asian and Cantonese delights, along with some impossible to afford Shark's Fin and Abalone. Dishes can get pricey, which is why we usually ask for the dim sum menu; it’s vast and in English. Ordering dim sum can be quite a chore when you are linguistically disabled. True, one of our favorite dim sum places, Bifengtang, now has an English menu (thanks to some industrious students), but the ambiance is nowhere near what you experience at Crystal Jade.

At Crystal you can keep it simple or go large. When you do skimp on the dishes, it saves some dough for the drinks. And here’s where they do another thing right. There’s a great wine list (check out the wine room on the way in), with international selections ranging in price from 300 to 2,000RMB a bottle. If you do plan to make it an elegant meal, take our advice: Steer clear of the area near the kitchen. If it’s the only spot they have available, wait. Stick to the outer area