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Excellent Oyster Restaurant

Add:233-1 Hedong Rd

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This restaurant's staples are oysters and scallops, which though selling for 10 yuan (US$1.57) a piece - a little more expensive than average night snack booths - still entice numerous customers to the small eatery. As with fresh seafood anywhere, the key is to ensure that it is indeed fresh. In this score, the Excellent Oyster Restaurant does very well. All oysters and scallops seem extremely fresh, exuding their own sweetness, smoothness and tenderness. The standard menu extends only as far as barbecued oysters and scallops, but with different seasonings - including garlic, curry, chili and black pepper - and all served with rice noodles. Scallops are cut into four to make them more manageable for chopsticks.