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Wangxian Lou

Add:493 South Zhongshan Road

Tel:0571 8680 9927

Time:24 hours

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


It's summer. It's hot, sure, but this is the time of year to find that perfect spot out of doors where you can pull that shirt up (or take it off altogether) and order up some cheap eats and a cold pitcher of beer.

Just outside the Bell Tower is a great place to do just this, and it's probably the best spot in town to get Wonton. There are four restaurants, the biggest being Wangxian Lou (望仙楼). Here, there is a wide range of dishes to choose from. Lots of people order crayfish (xiao long xia) for you local folk, crawdads for you American Southerners, mudbugs for you Brits). And they've got cheap, cheap pitchers of beer, a mere five kuai.

These places are open 24 hours, and they are so popular that the area is packed even in the early morning hours. People drive here from all over town just to get a midnight snack. After 10pm, things really liven up. That's when the tables spread out from the restaurants