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Fortune House (Tianmushan Branch)

Add:226 Tianmushan Rd

Tel:0571-8502 3885

Time:10:20am - 9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


There was a lot of hype around town before Fortune House opened. It's connected with the same people behind Grandma's Kitchen. Of course there would be hype. Grandma's Kitchen is everywhere now, and customers can't get in before 7:30 without waiting in long lines – and most people wouldn't dare begin dinner as late as 7:30. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, it’s either 6:30 for regular dinner or past midnight for late dinner. Take note to this because in Fortune House and many other restaurants around town, tables are only available for booking at 6:30 or earlier. A 7pm reservation cannot be made. Those who can’t make the early reservation have to wait in line and eat in the main dining area. The lines are especially long at both Grandma’s Kitchen and Fortune House.

That’s just the way it goes because like Grandma’s Kitchen, Fortune House serves up food that is very reasonable considering the price (50-60RMB/person). That said, our first review team didn't have the most stellar experience. Their sashimi was frozen and a few dishes were unavailable. Our second group of eaters went after all the New Year mayhem, and they had a much more pleasurable time.

The location on Tianmushan road is not big. Unlike many giants, it’s good to go with only a table of four. It feels intimate, but beware if you've got a lot of people because there are only three private rooms big enough for parties over twelve. None can hold more than fifteen. The only thing that our two groups could agree on in entirety was that the bathrooms were very far away. It happens. Right now we have two Fortune House locations around town. If our second trip there was any indication, there will be many more in the near future. Picture menu available.

>> You can order:
Peanuts 小洋生 xiǎo yáng shēng 10RMB
Fortune Tofu 指福豆腐 zhǐ fú dòu fu 10RMB
Pickled Cucumber 泡黄瓜 pào huáng guā 8RMB
Crystal Pork 水晶玻璃肉 shuǐ jīng pō li ròu 38RMB
Assorted Sashimi Plate 刺身拼盘 cì shēn pīng pán 78RMB
Xiaoshan Chicken 萧山鸡 xiāo shān jī 35RMB
Shrimp in Soy Sauce and Oil 豉油乾味虾 chī yóu qián wèi dòu fu 36RMB
Black and Flower Pepper Chicken 正庄椒麻鸡 zhèng zhuāng jiāo má jī 45RMB
Sour and Sweet Ribs 香口糖排 xiāng kǒu tang pái 18RMB
Potatoes in a Pot 钵仔土豆 bō zǎi tǔ dòu 15RMB
Beef Fans牛肉粉丝 niú ròu fěn sī 20RMB
Beef and Tea Tree Mushrooms 茶树菇双柳 chá shù gū shuāng liǔ 28RMB
Cantonese Style Bok Choy 清炒广菜心 qīng chǎo guǎng cài xīn 10RMB
Dry Shredded Pork and Beans 肉松刀豆 ròu sōng dāo dòu 12RMB
Leek Dumplings 韭菜饺 jiǔ cài jiǎo 30RMB
Pork Egg Tart 叉烧挞 chā shāo tǎ 48RMB
Duck Tongue 鸭舌 yā shé 25RMB
Curry Beef Flank 咖喱牛腩 gā li niú nán 26RMB
Cabbage 包心菜 bāo xīn cài 12RMB