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Classic Hangzhou Restaurant

Add:108 Manjuelong Road

Tel:0571 8797 9588

Time:10am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Classic Hangzhou Restaurant is a great place to have some good food outside the hustle and bustle of Hangzhou. Located near the zoo, it doesn't take too long to get to and yet seems like another world. The best thing about it is the surroundings. This is as close as you will get to "fresh" air here. Imagine if you will trees everywhere. The area set up outside is great for a leisurely cup of tea or a meal. However, if you happen to come on a crummy day, you'll be pretty amazed by the immense amount of space inside, and the décor ain't too shabby either. They stick with the nature theme by having tons of plants inside and avoid the obnoxious gold and red that you see so much in other biggies.

The food can be classified as country. Thankfully this does not mean KFC, but rather a tasty assortment of local dishes. Our favorites were the Steamed Sticky Rice Pork Ribs and the Farmer-style Fried Pork in Buns. If the language barrier is an issue, you'll be pleased to find that this place is a“pointing”restaurant. They have the dishes laid out, which makes it mega easy to choose what you’re in the mood for. After picking, you can watch them cook it up through the big glass windows. The service is top notch too