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Longjing No. 1

Add:1 Longjing Village

Tel:0571 8796 4286

Time:11:30-2pm; 5pm-9pm (tea all day long)

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


When you head out to the tea villages, and there are plenty surrounding Hangzhou, there are lots of family-run restaurants to dine in. In Longjing especially, you come across a fair share of touts trying to lead you back to their places for some tea and grub. Sometimes these excursions end well, sometimes not. When there’s no menu involved with prices clearly marked, it can end up in an uncomfortable argument. This is the exception, but it happens. If you’re just in for a good, hassle-free meal in the great outdoors, then Longjing No. 1 is a great bet.

No, there are no views of the tea fields, but then again you don’t have to hike up to the spots with the great views just to eat