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Bian Long

Add:77 Hefang Street (Close to Zhonghe Highway)

Tel:0571 8781 8322

Time:11am - 9:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Sometimes putting on an old leather jacket is more than just comfortable. Ok, it's got a tear or two here or there, and it's not exactly polished, but isn't it nice? We feel the same way about restaurants. Sometimes going to a worn in place simply feels good. That’s how it gets when people line up to get in on a daily basis. Yes, they could paint the walls again and again, but that would add a little bit to everyone's bill now wouldn't it. And with rent prices on Hefang Jie as high as they are, we're sure there's little room to breath. Our bill for five dishes was an astonishingly low 115RMB. That’s just under 30RMB per person. So what if the walls are a little broken in? It was a cold day and like that old leather jacket, the place was warm enough for all of us to take off our coats. Without knowing what type of food Bian Long served anyone with half an ear could guess that it’s local fare as everyone in the place was speaking Hangzhou dialect. That was a good sign that the food would be authentic.

The Tomato Vegetable Soup came first and it was like "my mother used to make", as someone at our table mentioned. The Fried Bullfrog with Onion had a bit of bones as to be expected, but there were some nice de-boned pieces in the mix. Next was the Steamed Egg with Vegetables in which the eggs were steamed to come out like soft tofu. The Fried Shrimps with Spring Onion and Ginger looked fantastic, but were a little too oily for our tastes. Nevertheless, we ate them all without a problem. And finally the Ham Fried with Peas was exactly what Hangzhou cuisine is about, and that’s about keeping the original flavor of the food without masking it with spices. They've only got a small menu all in Chinese, but we've sorted that problem out for those of you who don't do the characters. See the below. Parking is available across the street.

What’s On Their Menu...
■ Saucy Boiled Chicken (half) 白切鸡(半只) bái qiē jī (bàn zhī) 22RMB
■ Salted Boiled Chicken (half) 盐水鸡(半只) yán shu? jī (bàn zhī) 24RMB
■ Boiled Stomach 白切肚头 bái qiē d? tóu 25RMB
■ Boiled Intestines 白切门腔 bái qiē mén qiāng 18RMB
■ Five Spice Beef 五香牛肉 w? xiāng niú ròu 16RMB
■ Drunken Jujube 醉枣 zuì z?o 8RMB
■ Boiled Salted Peanuts 盐水花生 yán shuǐ huā shēng 6RMB
■ Garlic Cucumber 蒜泥黄瓜 suàn ní huáng guā 6RMB
■ Tofu Mixed with Thousand Year Old Egg 松花豆腐 sōng huā dòu fu 6RMB
■ Five Spice Vegetarian Chicken Tofu五香素鸡 w? xiāng sù jī 7RMB
■ Sugared Tomatoes 糖番茄 táng fān qié 6RMB
■ Black Fungus黑木耳 hēi mù ěr 7RMB
■ Spicy Fish Soup with Sour Cabbage 酸菜鱼 suān cài yú 42RMB
■ Braised Goose Wings and Feet 红烧鹅翅掌 hōng shāo é chì zh?ng 38RMB
■ Fried Shrimp with Spring Onion and Ginger 葱油虾 cōng yóu xiā 28RMB
■ Special Loach 特色泥鳅 tè sè ní qiū 25RMB
■ Bullfrog Soup 牛蛙汤 niú wā tāng 28RMB
■ Tomato Vegetable Soup 神仙汤 shén xiān tāng 18RMB
■ Fried Bullfrog with Onion 酱爆牛蛙 jiàng bào niú wā 25RMB
■ Squid with Pickled Vegetables 雪菜目鱼 xuě cài mù yú 30RMB
■ Minced Pork Steamed with Dried Fish 肉饼蒸鲞 ròu b?ng zhēng xi?ng 22RMB
■ Peppers Fried with Stomach 尖椒肚头 jiān jiāo d? tóu 28RMB
■ Peppers Fried with Intestines 尖椒门腔 jiān jiāo mén qiāng 20 RMB
■ Fresh Vegetables Fried with Pickled Vegetables 雪菜时件 xuě cài shí jiàn 18RMB
■ Curry Beef with Glass Noodles 咖喱牛肉粉丝 gā li niú ròu fěn sī 28RMB
■ Spring Bamboo and Bacon Stew with Tofu Skin 咸肉炖春笋千张 xián ròu dùn chūn s?n qiān zhāng 28RMB
■ Pickles Vegetables w/ Winter Bamboo and Mushroom 雪菜冬笋蘑菇 xuě cài dōng s?n mó gū 18RMB
■ Steamed Hairy Crab 清蒸湖蟹 qīng zhēng hú xiè 时价
■ Wild Turtle (Steam/Braised/Soup) 野生甲鱼(清蒸/红烧/川汤) yě shēng ji? yú (qīng zhēng/hóng shāo/chuān tāng) 时价
■ Wild Eel (Steam/Braised/Soup) 野生黄鳝(清蒸/红烧/川汤) yě shēng huáng shàn (qīng zhēng/hóng shāo/chuān tāng)时价
■ Bull Stomach in Spicy Soup 水煮牛百叶 shu? zh? niú b?i yè 32RMB
■ Bullfrog in Spicy Soup 水煮牛蛙 shu? zh? niú wā 45RMB
■ Steamed Egg with Vegetables 八宝水波蛋 bā b?o shuǐ bō dàn 18RMB
■ Ham Fried with Peas 火腿丁甜豆 hu? tu? dīng tián dòu 22RMB
■ Ham Fried with Peas 火腿丁豆板 hu? tu? dīng dòu b?n 10RMB
■ Stir Fried Fungus 清炒灰树花 qīng ch?o huī shù huā 18RMB
■ Garlic Fried with Sliced Pork 大蒜炒肉片 dà suàn ch?o ròu piàn 18RMB
■ Yam Fried with Black Fungus and Sliced Pork 山药炒黑木耳肉片 shān yào ch?o hēi mù ěr ròu piàn 18RMB
■ Beans (Fry/Garlic/ Preserved Vegetable) 四季豆(清炒/蒜泥/干菜) sì jì dòu (qīng ch?o/suàn ní/gān cài) 10RMB
■ Pickled Vegetables Fried with Soya Beans, Bamboo and Sliced Pork 抱腌菜边笋毛豆肉片bào yān cài biān s?n máo dòu ròu piàn 18RMB
■ Yellow Bean Sauce Fried Eggplants 酱爆茄子 jiàng bào qié zi 10RMB
■ Stir-Fried Lettuce 清炒莴笋 qīng ch?o wō s?n 8RMB
■ Stir-Fried Cabbage 包心菜 bāo xīn cài 8RMB