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Xiangzhang Longdinlou

Add:Longjing Shanyuan, 268 Wen Jia Shan

Tel:0571 8886 3668

Time:9:30am - 9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


In keeping with our outdoor theme this month, we decided to go to the restaurant of the “Kitchen Goddess” as one local website has described it. When we got to the top of Longjing Road and turned onto Manjuelong Road, we knew that we were in for a treat. At the very least, this would be a great place to sit outside and enjoy the view. No, this place isn’t a Swiss chalet or anything, but it is nice, and we reveled in the cool breeze coming up the mountainside. Just up the mountain a bit farther, we could see the waterwheel that sits outside of the once new Longjing Village. If we wanted a bit of an after dinner constitution, we could have a walk up there when we were done, but enough with the “couldas,” and onto the food.

The four of us stupidly ordered seven dishes, which is easy to do when all four of us are ordering at once. Of the seven dishes ordered the first and last to arrive at our table proved to be the best. For the first, the waitress poured beaten eggs over hot stones in a pot just beside our table. It’s called, “Leeks Fried with Eggs on Hot Stones (石椿炒土鸡蛋),” and was a big hit, as was the aforementioned last dish. It was a masterfully done Qiantang River Fish Cooked with Preserved Vegetables (钱塘江鱼钩包心菜干). We also got Grandma’s Pork Stew (外婆红烧肉), West Lake Beef Stew (西湖牛肉羹), Deep Fried Tofu Skin (干炸响铃), Bacon Steamed with Bamboo Shoots (私房咸肉蒸时笋), and Farmer’s Bean Curd (农家香干), all of which were finely done with special attention being paid to the Bacon Steamed with Bamboo Shoots. Our bill, which included a pitcher of watermelon juice, came to just over 300RMB.