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Xinlong Chicken Feet King

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The thought of eating chicken feet is a strange, not altogether pleasant, concept to many foreigners, even though they may take some slight comfort in the fact that Chinese don't simply throw the feet into boiling water. Preparation involves a lengthy process, which includes peeling off the crust of the feet. In China, chicken feet can be served as a beer snack, a cold dish or a soup. They are very gelatinous due to most of the meat on the feet consisting of skin and tendons, so have a distinct texture, quite unlike other chicken meat. For the uninitiated tempted to try this bony snack, we recommend Xinlong Chicken Feet, an eatery renowned among aficionados as "Hangzhou's King of Chicken Feet," and which sells more than 3,000 chicken feet in various flavors each day. The newly opened Hedong Road branch offers the likes of marinated chicken feet, spicy chicken feet, chicken feet marinated in mature vinegar and spicy steamed chicken feet.