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Long Tang Li Restaurant(Hedong Rd Branch)

Add:237 Hedong Rd

Tel:0571-8806 0985

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


A longtang is the typical old-fashioned neighborhood, fondly remembered by millions of people in south China. Long Tang Li Restaurant takes this as its theme, seeking to evoke the rich folk flavor of Hangzhou cuisine. The restaurant resembles an old longtang - complete with wooden pillars, black tiles, stone sculptures and carved window lattices. Its menu offers many authentic everyday Hangzhou dishes, such as sweet-and-sour hairtail fish, tofu fried with green cabbage, fried pork liver and pig's kidney and salty fish steamed with minced pork. Long Tang Li also makes classical Hangzhou dim sum, including wonton, spring rolls, sweet pancakes - called sole pancakes due to the shape, cong bao hui, deep-fried dough sticks wrapped in thin pancake), and rice pudding. These dishes are a bit saltier than ordinary, so it is suggested that diners order rice with their meal.