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Ding's Beef with Salt Restaurant

Add:202 Hedong Rd

Tel:(0571) 85916777

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The restaurant, opened in 2003, is one of the earliest night snack eateries on Hedong Road, and the fact that the owner opened another outlet a stone's throw away from the first shows how popular the brand is. With nightfall, customers can be seen queuing patiently, as tables in the restaurant and sidewalk are already occupied. The specialty of the restaurant is, of course, beef with salt - boiled and sliced beef served with a pinch of salt. The best meat is cooked with little seasoning; the flavor comes from the meat itself, plus a little salt mixed with pepper and spices. The eatery also excels at other beef-related dishes, such as beef soup with rice noodles, beef tendon, ox tongue, ox stomach and ox heart, all boiled and sliced. These boiled and sliced dishes are more usually offered on napkins than a plate, making it easier for customers to take home leftovers.