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Jura Restaurant Bar

Add:8 East Meiling Road (close to the Jiqingshan Tunnel and Longjing Road exit)

Tel:0571 8797 9012,139 5819 1887

Time:9:30am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


There are really only two things that are a bit of a problem with Jura: finding it, and ordering food. We’ve solved both of the problems here. Check out our menu and look at our map. The first time we went there, it took us over half-an-hour to find it. We also had to point to the dishes on other people’s tables when ordering. Despite the hassle, all was good. The second time we went, it was easy to find, and we brought a food expert along with us. It was even better. As we ate, we could see a group of people playing badminton in the courtyard. Another group was laughing over a few cups of tea. A couple of dudes with backpacks were checking into one of the rooms Jura has. It’s not only a place to have a meal, but it’s also a place to relax, spend an evening, drink a few beers, or just have a little fun. Our food expert even whipped one of those dudes at pool when we were done.

We could go on about how this dish was, and that dish tasted, but we don’t know what other people like. Simply put, it was all good, and as the prices on our menu suggest, it’s reasonable to boot. Jura is in a cool little house located just past the Tea Museum. After making the right off of Longjing Road, keep your eyes peeled for the second driveway on the left. It’s the last one before you hit the tunnel. Now that the weather is finally getting a bit more bearable, eating outside is refreshing. And after all, in what other city can you be near a tea field in less than a fifteen minute taxi ride?