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Hai Gang Macau Chaffy Dish Restaurant (New)

Add:2-3/F, 60 Changsheng Road

Tel:0571 8755 8800,0571 8755 8811


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This is the circle-what-you-want variety of restaurants. There are a variety of choices with pot fillers ranging in price from 12 to 680 yuan (that would be the Kobe beef). There's also an interesting selection of pots like Seafood, Thai and Satay. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is relaxed, with well-spaced tables and soothing music, unlike the usual, cram-in-as-many-people-as-you-can hot pot places. The service is also what you'd expect in such a place, and then there's the biggest plus: you don't go home smelling all spicy like. A modest dinner for two will run you around 300 yuan, but if you're looking for a pleasant chaffy dish dining experience, it's money well spent.

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