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Dongbei Family

Add:111 Tianmushan Road

Tel:0571 8799 6152


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Now we've got to ask a question: What's up with all of these places now getting their bowls and plates washed by a second party? You've seen them before. They’re shrink-wrapped and cost around 1 RMB. Is this done at the request of the people, because of a dirty kitchen too unclean to do the dishes, or by the restaurant in an attempt to make some extra cash? Who knows? Though we might question the cleanliness of the kitchen at Dongbei Family, we have to say that the food was quite satisfying, and the shrink-wrapped glasses were so clean that we almost felt guilty putting our orange juice in them. While we usually do these reviews as a foursome, this time we went with our office neighbors. Why not? It’s a “Family” restaurant, the more the better. And by having eight of us, we were able to order a boatload of food. While some of us aren't into sucking the bone, the broth in the Bone Stew was fantastic. Those that did like sucking on the meat seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Being a place from the northeast, we decided it would be imperative to order some handmade dumplings, and though they were nothing compared to Leilei's dumplings (see Magic Stone Gulu Fish review), we ate two orders of them without skipping a beat. The Deer Rolls were wonderfully crispy, and the Vegetable Rolls with Minced Pork Sauce were a great hot and cold combo. The Vegetable Egg Pancake was also much lighter with less oily than we expected it to be. Our only surprise was that the Meat and Pancake came out looking nothing like it did on the menu. It was good nevertheless. Though Dongbei Family might not be new nice enough to take a date, it is a great place for a big group of people. Our bill for eight only cost 290RMB, and we had more than enough to eat. Picture menu available.