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Dong Lai Shun, Qingtai Branch

Add:488 Qingtai Street

Tel:0571 8782 0666,0571 8786 0999

Time:10am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


After singeing your tastebuds at the more traditional fiery hot pot places, what better place to test the water than the popular chain, Dong Lai Shun, founded in Beijing in 1903 and in Hangzhou since 2003. Beijing hot pot’s milder taste will suit those who don’t take kindly to spicy food or who would actually like having a voice after dinner.

All the food was fresh, and as our Northern friend informed us, the most important aspect of Beijing hot pot is the meat, so we ordered several cuts of lamb and beef. Since the owner is Muslim, however, pork lovers are out of luck. We asked about the specialties, and they suggested a variety of vegetables in addition to the meat such as Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, bamboo and spinach. Unlike other hot pots, the broth is mostly water based, which creates an extremely subtle flavor (or some might say just plain bland). To add more zest, be sure to order the creamy peanut sauce or some vinegar for dipping, and let the meat cook first before adding the veggies. You also don’t have to limit yourself to just hot pot here. There are plenty of tasty dishes