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Sha Mi Lang Restaurant

Add:43 Pingfeng St

Tel:(0571) 8662-8856

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The eye-catching facade of this restaurant includes depictions of lanterns and wolves - the latter associated with the wilds of Shaanxi. The interior walls are pasted with yellow mud, and booths are separated by tree branches, upon which stalks of corn and peppers are hung. Adding to the rustic, exotic feel, the walls are daubed with pictures and apparently primitive designs. Waiting staff have distinctive uniforms which include a wolf tail attached to the trousers. Diners can attract staff by shaking a rattle-drum on the table. Board games are also provided, aiming at attracting young customers. Dishes served here have traditional northwestern flavors - plus eccentric names. Purple cabbage, fried with green cabbage and topped with chopped peanuts and peanut butter, is named "multicolor." And pork and potato stew is called "undercover," as the diced pork is thought to be "hiding" among the potatoes.