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7080 Garden Restaurant

Add:87 Nanshan Road

Tel:0571 8777 0078

Time:10am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Now this place is really cool. It looks like a combination of an old barn, a wooden deck, and a doctor’s waiting room. Set just off the lake, the scenery is just wonderful as it overlooks the trees. It actually has trees growing through the floor, which provide shade during these hot days. By the look of the little magazine they have on the table, 7080 and its neighbor 1999 are owned by the same group of people. By the look of the menu, and the ordering style, it appears as if the owners have been to Green Tea many times, because we had to get up to do the ordering, which is kind of annoying, but it worked nevertheless. We started our meal with three very refreshing drinks (12RMB/each). In particular, the Mint Drink and the Apple Green Tea were quite nice. We were then served the Braised Meat Balls, which were fantastically done. Equally wonderful were the Egg Fried Dumplings. A bit on the bland side was the Sliced Fish and Vegetable Soup, and we thought that instead of French Fries in the French Fries with Chinese Deep Fried Dough in Special Sauce they should have used rice cakes, but we ate them all regardless. Finally, the hit of the meal came in the form of their Special Made Chicken, which was just superb. Like we do at Green Tea, we topped everything off with a Peanut Smoothie that really hits the spot. For the four of us, we dropped 250RMB. Parking is available, but an English menu is not.

What’s On Their Menu...
■ Egg Fried Dumplings 原锅鸡蛋锅贴 yuán guō jī dàn guō tiē 10RMB
■ Sliced Fish and Vegetable Soup 一品鱼片 yì p?n yú piàn 46RMB
■ Braised Meat Balls 红烧狮子头 hóng shāo shī zi tóu 25RMB
■ Special Made Chicken 庭院私房鸡 tíng yuàn sī fang jī 48RMB
■ French Fries with Chinese Deep Fried Dough in Special Sauce 薯条烧油条sh? tiáo shāo yóu tiáo 18RMB
■ Stir Fried Vegetables 家炒毛毛菜 jiā ch?o máo máo cài 16RMB
■ Mint Drink 清凉杯 qīng liáng bēi 12RMB
■ Peanut Smoothie 花生沙冰 huā shēng shā bīng 16RMB
■ Pineapple Orange Juice 凤梨橙汁 fèng lí chéng zhī 12RMB
■ Apple Green Tea 青苹果绿茶 qīng píng gu? lǜ chá 12RMB