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Honglou Royal Feast

Add:Cathaya Silk Mansion, 117 Tiyuchang Road

Tel:0571 8519 3900

Time:10am - 9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Judging by the name and look of this place, we assume it must have some connection to the famous novel, Dream of the Red Mansions. When we approached the outside of this spot it quickly became evident that someone had spent a lot of money on the renovations. Then when the huge wooden front doors were opened before us by four traditionally dressed women, we realized that the spending did not stop at the facade. A nice water feature sits just before a staircase leading upwards. This place is swanky to say the least. One of our party of four afternoon diners said he thought it looked like a Qing Dynasty brothel. How he could know what a brothel from that time looked like was beyond us, but we got his point. Everything in this place is done in dark wood, and the rooms are divided to break up what would have been a huge dining area. The table settings are a scrumptious black with gold flecks and the curtains are a sheer purple perfectly accenting the dark tones in the room. The traditional style furniture is surprisingly quite comfortable.
We ordered from the lunch menu which is available for an unknown period of time. When we asked the waitress she said that as long as it was needed it would be on offer, so who knows? But it was nicely priced nevertheless at 128RMB/four people. It came with a Special Griddle Cooked Rooster, a nice, thick Tofu and Duck Blood Soup, a plate of Clams Steamed with Eggs, another bowl of thinner Bamboo and Bacon Soup, and a plate of Stir Fried Vegetables. We also got an order of Canton style barbequed pork from the regular menu because we know that our table of four isn’t normal, and that the menu for four wouldn’t be enough. Of particular note were the clams and the barbequed pork, which was served with peanuts. Though big eaters, we still couldn’t finish everything on the table. Maybe we are more normal than we thought.
This is a place to impress. Our bill for four came to just over 250RMB because we ordered a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice (108RMB/pitcher) without first asking the price. Aside from that, the meal would have been a steal at only 128RMB/four people.

■ Signature Spicy Bull Frog 招牌馋嘴蛙 zhāo pái chán zu? wā 58RMB
■ Over Bridge Ribs 过桥排骨 guò qiáo pái g? 58RMB
■ Sichuan Style Tender Chicken 蜀香嫩鸡 sh? xiāng nèn jī 38RMB
■ Green Pepper Fish 青椒鱼 qīng jiāo yú 78RMB
■ Deep Fried Crispy Shrimps 金沙脆皮虾 jīn shā cuì pí xiā 48RMB
■ Blueberry Cod Fish 蓝莓红曲银鳕鱼 lán méi hóng q? yín xu? yú 78RMB
■ West Lake Beef Stew 西湖牛肉羹 xī hú niú ròu gēng 8RMB
■ Honglou Style Braised Pork 红楼扣肉 hóng lóu kòu ròu 58RMB
■ Bark?l Lamb Chops 巴里坤小羊排 bā l? kūn xi?o yáng pái 58RMB
■ Rice Cake and Yellow Fish Soup 黄鱼捞年糕 huáng yú lāo nián gāo 68RMB
■ Fried Rice Cake in XO Sauce XO酱炒年糕 XO jiàng ch?o nián gāo 23RMB
■ Crystal Prawns 水晶虾仁 shu? jīng xiā rén 78RMB
■ Garden Vegetables Stir Fry 田园一品葵 tián yuán yì p?n kuí 28RMB

Business Lunch set menu:
128RMB (for 3-4 people) set menu A
Special Griddle Cooked Rooster 特色烧鸡公
Bamboo and Bacon Soup 咸肉春笋煲
Clams Steamed with Eggs 文蛤蒸蛋
Tofu and Duck Blood Soup 开胃羹
Stir Fried Vegetables 清炒菜心
Dim Sum 点心
128RMB (for 3-4 people) set menu B
Stomach in Pickled Peppers 泡椒双脆
Griddle Cooked Vegetables 砂锅娃娃菜
Braised Pork Stew with Tofu Bread 油豆腐烧肉
Three Coloured Steamed Egg 三色蒸蛋
Spanish and Tofu Soup 菠菜豆腐汤
Dim Sum 点心

198RMB (for 4-6 people) set menu A
Braised Small Mandarin Fish (two) 红烧小桂鱼 (2条)
Beef in the Sour and Spicy Soup 酸汤肥牛
Duck Blood in Pickled Pepper 泡椒鸭血
Three Coloured Steamed Egg 三色蒸水蛋
Griddle Cooked Stir Fried Cabbage 干锅包心菜
Goose and Tofu Skin Stew 凤鹅千张砂锅
Stir Fried Vegetables 本地小菜心
Dim Sum 点心
198RMB (for 4-6 people) set menu B
Steamed Chicken 土焖原味鸡
Griddle Cooked Octopus 干锅八爪鱼
Dried Shredded Pork Fried with Bitter Gourd 榄菜肉松炒苦瓜
Deep Fried Stick Doug Fried with Shrimps 金盏油条虾
Tofu and Duck Blood Soup 开胃羹
Dried Shrimp Steamed with Bamboo and Preserved Vegetables 虾干蒸二冬
Dim Sum 点心