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Grandad Wu's Mountain House

Add:5/F, Xin Ziluolan Hotel, 17 Central Zhongshan Road (next to Drum Tower)

Tel:0571 8724 6167

Time:9am - 9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This place is a bit difficult to find, but that’s what makes its location so special. To get there you walk through the Drum Tower Underpass, and then take your first left and go all the way up the stairs. You’ll find this gem on the right hand side. Granddad Wu’s Mountain House has been more than appropriately named because it literally is a house on a mountain. The four of us got there a bit late, but the place was still full of people eating their lunch, which is always a good sign. Loads of sun poured in through the big windows, though it wasn’t too hot as this place provides plenty of air-con. They also have outdoor seating for when the weather is a bit cooler than the scorching days we’ve been having. We’re assuming their menu on the blackboard changes with the season, so assume our translated version is only temporary.

A good friend of ours recently mentioned how the, “newbies,” in his office had still not learned how to appreciate good fat on pork. They weren’t fans of the fei rou. So if you’re a newbie, don’t order the Braised Pork at Granddad Wu’s because it has tons of succulent fat surrounding each tender piece of pork. Newbies might also need to be aware of the Thousand Island Lake Fish Head Soup, which, though not very filling, does have some big pieces of meat just aft of the gills. The biggest hit of the meal had to be the Eggplant in Sweet and Sour Sauce. It was served over hot rocks keeping it at the right temperature the whole time we ate. The four of us paid a very reasonable 180RMB. Parking is available at the restaurant, just south of the Drum Tower.

What’s On Their Menu...

■ Signature Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Vegetables 特色粉丝 tè sè fěn sī 16RMB
■ Thousand Islands Lake Fish Head Soup 浓汤千岛湖鱼头 nóng tāng qiān d?o hú yú tóu 58RMB
■ Braised Pork 稻草肉 dào c?o ròu 32RMB
■ Shrimps Skewer 串烤虾 chuàn k?o xiā 28RMB
■ Eggplants in the Sweet and Sour Sauce 石头茄子 shí tou qié zi18RMB
■ Grilled Squid 大烤目鱼 dà k?o mù yú 26RMB
■ White Gourd Cooked in Traditional Way 古法冬瓜 g? f? dōng guā 16RMB
■ Deep Fried Sweet Corn Crispy Cake 玉米烙 yù m? lào 18RMB
■ Stir Fried Pea Pods With Flower Peppers 花椒荷兰豆 huā jiāo hé lán dòu 16RMB
■ Granddad Wu’s Fried Rice 伍公桶饭 w? gōng t?ng fàn 18RMB
■ Schnitzel with Salad 色拉牛排 sè lā niú pái 36RMB
■ Sweet and Sour Spareribs 蜜汁糖排 mì zhī táng pái 18RMB
■ Stir Fried Vegetables 随意小炒 suí yì xi?o ch?o 22RMB
■ Flavoured Rice Crust 皇帝锅巴 huáng dì guō bā 18RMB
■ Stir Fried Shirt-ribs 牛仔骨niú z?i g? 48RMB
■ Pickled Vegetables Fried with Shredded Pork 雪菜肉丝 xuě cài ròu sī 12RMB
■ Pan Fried Small Yellow Fish 香煎小黄鱼 xiāng jiān xi?o huáng yú 28RMB
■ Baked Chicken Wings

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