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Jianghu Zhong

Add:17 Yuhuangshan Road

Tel:0571 8729 1508,139 5722 9429 (English)

Time:9am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Seafood, seafood, and more seafood. And it’s all wild and fresh. That’s probably why this spot requires diners to book a day in advance. With Michelle on the other end of the phone it’s easy for any non-Chinese speaker to book a reservation, unlike many other places in town. Her English is near perfect after having spent a few years in the U.S. Simply tell her your price range (minimum 100RMB/head), and the types of things you don’t want to eat, and she’ll prepare everything for your arrival. When we arrived, we were seated at this huge rosewood table, which must have come out of some strange old growth forest to have been that big, and were immediately served some water with a fresh mint leaf in each glass. Nice little hints like that appeared throughout the meal. Then came the cold towels, which are so welcomed on these hot days. For our cold dishes we were served some chicken with the typical soy sauce with herbs inside of it, and drunken shrimp. Now if you’ve never had drunken shrimp, then you aren’t a man in our book and if you are a woman, you certainly aren’t a very manly one. They are served alive, literally intoxicated and on the brink of death in a baijiu and spice concoction. They’re sometimes still kicking when you put them in your mouth. We also got some peanuts, and small ocean snails to round out the cold dishes.

Then came our favorite dish of the month by far. It was delicately deep fried shrimp balls, and it was so light and delicious that it put tempura to shame. The mussels looked as if they had been hacked off a long, lost, drifting sea vessel. Everything looked so fresh and wild, and the yellow fish was done to perfection, as was the clam soup. Throughout our meal the kind staff kept refilling our special house tea and putting ice cubes in it. A close second favorite dish of the month was their Secret Crab Soup, secret because they won’t tell us what this marvelous green vegetable that the crab meat sits on is. Our meal for four came to 500RMB and it was more than worth it.