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Baguo Buyi

Add:32 Jiefang Road

Tel:0571 8721 8999


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


True, we've been doing this mag for three years, but there are still plenty of famous restaurants we have yet to review. Eight slots a month just isn't enough. But we continue to plug away. It's a damn shame we haven't given you this place. At least it's winter, and you can truly appreciate the spiciness that Baguo Buyi has to offer. This place has garnered quite the rep, both for its food and for its atmosphere.

We are big fans of spicy and decided to try a few standard Sichuan dishes and a few new, just to see if the place lived up to all the hype. Let's get our only complaint out of the way first: the timing. We got five dishes (actually six, but they forgot one. OK, two complaints), and the first to come was the Cold Noodles. Perfect timing and perfect dish topped with sesame seeds and chopped peanuts. The second dish to come was the Sichuan Dumplings. A big no, no at the beginning of the meal. The Pickled Mashed Potatoes came shortly after and far surpassed those our mamas ever made. Now here's the big prob. We had to wait an additional twenty to thirty minutes for our two big dishes, the Spicy Shrimp and the Spicy Chicken. The lazi ji was well worth the wait