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Organic Restaurant

Add:56 Tianzhu Road (Close to Fajing Temple)

Tel:0571 8580 1053

Time:11:30am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


We got an email a while back from a guy named, Ian, informing us of an organic place up near the Fajing Temple. We finally checked it out and although it’s not a big commercial joint, it was a nice escape nevertheless. After all, how commercial should an organic place be? As we were told to do, we called a day in advance to let them know we were coming and we selected the 50RMB/person option. They have 25 and 100RMB/person options available as well, but, being the good Buddhists we are, we decided to go for the middle way. It took us a little while to find the place, but with our map and a little perseverance, it shouldn’t be that difficult for anyone to find now. Keep your eyes peeled for the street number on the house. Find that and you’re golden. When we got there, we were greeted by Ian, who we came to find is a daily regular, and Johnny, who helps to explain the benefits of organic food when he has free time.

Everything was made prior to us getting there, which made for an immediate feast. No need to wait. The first things that stood out were the eggs used in the Scrambled Eggs with Leek. They were completely orange, but they were good. The Chicken Stew was done in its “original flavor” which wasn’t as overpowering as some might like but was more than enough to satisfy. Both the cold Black Fungus Salad and Red Cabbage Salad were tasty. We were then rounded out (literally) by the Shitake Mushroom and Cabbage, Fried Pork with Needle Mushrooms, and freshly made Soy Milk. Johnny assured us that since everything was organic, we would be getting at least double the energy of a normal. (We’ll let you know.) They also have a small shop downstairs in which to get your organic fix. Home delivery is available.